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Help us to serve better and extend our services to many more. ... Visitors tell us how they are struck by the vibrancy and passion for life of the students, some of whom cannot hear or speak and others who cannot fully use arms or legs. They attest to the energy and spark the clients maintain due to the care and practical direction of their dedicated teachers, trainers, therapists and vocational facilitators. When “normally-abled” people take a glimpse into the creative self-consciousness of those with disabilities, they are inspired by such courage in physical adversity.
CSI Rehabilitation Centre
CSI Compound, Woodwile Road,
Kodaikanal - 624101
Tamil Nadu
South India.
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Diagnostic Daycare Centre: 04542 - 241696
Residential Home: 04542 – 243686
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"CSIRC is a testament to the holistic approach (as with counseling parents, ensuring employment) of those Founders and Staff who rescue, care for and nurture this powerful potential of our society.”