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A day in the life of CSI Rehabilitation Centre
Please have a look into the day-to-day creative life of our special needs students. CSIRC has earned a name for its service excellence imparted with love, care, understanding and faith. CSIRC services have benefitted scores of disabled persons, helping them to build their lives on solid ground
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Who we are
The CSI Rehabilitation Centre, started in 1992, situated in Kodaikanal in South India, a hill station at 2133 metres above sea level, is a service organization catering to the needs of children and young adults with disabilities like Polio, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Speech and Hearing Impairment, Visual Impairment and other Developmental Disabilities.
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Our history
Kodaikanal is a Hill station, at 2133 metres above sea level, in the Palani Hills, offshoot of the Western Ghat Mountain range, which runs north south along the west coast of peninsular India. Kodaikanal is in Tamilnadu state, bordering Kerala.
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What we do
As a result of over twenty five years of rehabilitation work in the Palani Hills we are rewarded by watching the smiles on the former students faces as so many of them grow into contributing members of society. They take organizational and people skill in to the "real world", giving back to society, and proudly empowering themselves and their (often economically dissadvantaged) families.
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What we make
The CSIRC young adults with disabilities create vibrant colored and designed hand-painted functional products of high value: hand pin holders, wall key holders, Christmas decorations, mirrors, trinket boxes, bowls, toys etc. The skill training is aimed towards our students' future employment and economic independence. Every students receive a monthly stipend.
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Celebrate life!
Celebrate difference!
Celebrate equality!
Please participate in this worthy and longstanding effort in creating a tangible difference for otherwise overlooked individuals (and their families) for so many of them to receive a "step-up" in becoming productive members in soiciety. Join in and help us better to serve and to extend our services. Each contribution makes a difference! We look to thoughtful others like you to help support this noble cause.
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CSI Compound, Woodwile Road,
Kodaikanal - 624101
Tamil Nadu
South India.

Diagnostic Daycare Centre - 04542-241696
Residential Home - 04542-243686