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CSI Rehabilitation Centre's creative contribution to society's betterment has been recognised for more than twenty five years. CSIRC has earned a name for its service excellence imparted with love, care, understanding and faith. CSIRC services have benefitted scores of disabled persons, helping them to build their lives on solid ground.

Join in and help us better to serve and to extend our services. Each contribution makes a difference! We look to thoughtful others like you to help support this noble cause.

The Day Care Centre, The Residential Facility, Pre Vocational Training, Early Intervention, Transportation, Higher Education, To Sponsor a Child, For Assistive Devices, Food Expenses and Corpus Fund.
Donation details
Sponsor a child (1 month) - ₹3000
Assistive devices (1 month) - ₹5000
Sponsor a meal for the whole center - ₹5000
Sponsor a meal for residential program - ₹5000
General donations monthly or yearly - your wish
Indian Bank
Kodaikanal - 624101
Tamil Nadu
Account No: 463959390
IFSC Code: IDIB000K039
Note: Cheques and Drafts should be drawn in favour of C.S.I.Rehabilitation Centre payable at Kodaikanal.
Indian Bank
161, East Veli Street
Madurai - 625001
Tamil Nadu, South India
Account Name:The Madura Ramnad Diocesan Management Association
Account No: 527168852
IFSC Code: IDIB000E002
Education, Vocational Training and Rehabilitation costs a lot for the needs are many. We each have a moral responsibility to see that these special people get the right facilities to become contributory and fulfilled members of society. Let us make this a better world. Our responsibility is to individuals and to society. We must release its hidden treasures of courage and joy. Our responsibility is to empathy for society at large: to raise others and thereby raise ourselves. Visitors attest to the energy and spark at CSIRC in staff, children and young adults many of whom cannot hear or speak and others who cannot fully use arms or legs. Visitors are struck by the passion for life of the children, due to the care and practical direction of teachers, trainers, therapists and vocational facilitators. “CSIRC is a testament to the holistic approach (Education, Employment, Empowerment, Environment) of those Founders and Staff who rescue, care for and nurture this powerful potential of our society.”

CSI Compound, Woodwile Road,
Kodaikanal - 624101
Tamil Nadu, India
Diagnostic Daycare Centre - 04542-241696
Residential Home - 04542-243686