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Diagnostic daycare centre
The children coming to us have various types of disorders like Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual Disability (ID), Down's Syndrome, Visual Impairment, Speech and Hearing Impairments and other Developmental Disorders. CSIRC Diagnostic Day Care Center comprises Special Education Classrooms, Speech Therapy, SSA & IED: 'Education for all', Physical Therapy, Recreation & Leisure and Extra Curricular Activities. On every working day the fully loaded private vans arrive at CSIRC at 9 am sharp. Children are collected from their homes in the morning and they are occupied in the Centre for various interventions till 4 pm. The fully content and happy students are dropped back home by the private van in the evening. learn more
Orthotic manufacturing unit
Our Orthotic workshop has an Ortho technician (Trained from Mobility India, Bangalore) who manufactures all Orthotic appliances for Special Needs people inside and outside the Centre. The Orthotic Manufacturing Unit is fully equipped to produce low cost, lightweight calipers and other appliances like splints, crutches, walkers and so on using Polypropylene and light aluminum bars and joints. This local production facility has proven a great boon to the Palani Hill’s wider adult public with special needs. The advantage of these types of appliances is that the client can wear any kind of shoe or sandal and thus participate in places of worship where footwear is prohibited. We have provisions in this unit to take life-casts with kinetic measurements, and other required tools and equipment (oven) for Orthoses manufacture. Repair works for calipers, other appliances and wheelchairs are also undertaken in this unit. As mentioned, this unit caters free to all the students in our Centre and also to the adult public in general.
Vocational training
Going in line with “No Plastic in Kodai” theme all these projects are designed to prove that people with disabilities also can contribute towards the aim and objective of saving Kodai Hills from pollution and perishing. Around twenty five young adults in an age group of 14-18 years are engaged in the work skills unit and split into four groups to acquire skill training in four projects
★ Leaf ware ★ Papier-maché ★ Paper bags ★ Paper cups ★ Laminated paper mats. learn more
Early intervention
This program was started for children between the age group of 0-6years. The Main Focus-Improvement in the functional and learning abilities of children with disabilities (0 to 6 years) leading to improved quality of life. The philosophy behind this is to provide rehabilitation services as early as possible to enable the child to gain all the learning experiences that a normal child gets for the development of their brain. Our focus is to provide a conducive environment to the child for his learning and we aim that he should move into Class 1 when he is 6years old like any other child. The focus is on holistic training of the child which helps in total rehabilitation. learn more
Residential home
To provide physically handicapped children in the Palani Hills and Kodaikanal irrespective of caste and religion an environment with love and care. Differently-abled children who come from distant villages and from the town of Kodaikanal are provided boarding and lodging facilities to facilitate uninterrupted quality education and interventions. They are given individual care and if necessary special remedial inputs in studies. The CSI Residential Home facilitates higher education for the students and also helps in better job placements like Radio jockeys, Business, Hotels, Software, Accounts, Computer centre, Copy Centers, Physiotherapists and Orthotechnicians etc learn more
Community based rehabilitation
The Community Based Rehabilitation Program of CSIRC started in 2010. The area selected to render rehabilitation services was Kookal Panchayat, about forty kilometers from Kodaikanal in the Upper Hills. Kookal consists of four hamlets, Kookal, Gundupatti, Puthuputhur and Pazhamputhur. This project was funded by CBM, Australia. Eight parents from these four hamlets, with great difficulty sent their Children with Disabilities (CWD) to our Centre for intervention. Many other children and even adults with disabilities due to poor economic condition and lack of travel facilities were not able to come for intervention and therapy to Kodaikanal. The marked development and empowerment of these eight CWD children who accessed our Centre services prompted parents and relatives of others who could not make it to Kodaikanal to request CSIRC to start Direct Services in the four hamlets. learn more