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Vocational training
Young adults above 14years of age access the Work Skills Unit. They assemble into four groups to receive inputs in skill training in four content namely
★ Leaf Ware ★ Papier-mâché ★ Paper Bags ★ Paper Cups ★ Laminated Table mats
Going in line with the Plastic Free Kodai theme all these content are designed to prove that people with disabilities are empowered to contributing towards the aim and objective of saving Kodai Hills from pollution and perishing. The skill training is aimed towards employment and economic independence of the students in future. The young adults are trained on Work Skills and Work Ethics. The work skills they learn here will enable them to flower in any vocation. All the young adults receive a monthly stipend that comes from the sale of products that are produced and each has a growing and proud bank balance!
What do these five projects mean?
Leaf Ware
This beautiful eco-friendly, biodegradable and disposable tableware comes in different choices of size and shape and are a boon to the environment, hotel industry as well as the picnickers. The Leaf Ware products line is a result of cooperation of the Indian Food and Technology Institute, an ecological alternative ideally suited for production by people with disabilities. With recycled paper as the underlay these meal plates, side plates and bowls are leak proof and are molded in heated machines at high temperature and simultaneously sterilized and cut. Our young adults keep themselves busy proudly producing these exquisite table ware items and there is a never-ending demand from cafes and hotels.
Papier Maché
The leaf and paper cut-outs become the raw material for the second project. While the waste leaf cut pieces become organic manure, the cut paper pieces become the raw material for Papier-mâché Products. It’s wonderful to see the creative innate abilities of young adults, come out with a chance to shine and then take a natural pride to create vibrant colored and designed hand-painted functional products of high value: hand pin holders, wall key holders, Christmas decorations, mirrors, trinket boxes, bowls, toys etc. The students never get tired of creative painting and finishing!
Paper Bags
Paper carry bags are much needed in Kodaikanal. Young adults are already well-trained in this skill. Different sizes and models are made in bulk to order. Bakeries & Restaurants are our top level customers and they really appreciate the high quality of the bags.
Paper Cups
Young adults are trained on making paper cups of different sizes and these cups are well accepted by the local people. They too are strong and well made with care. Commendable indeed!
Laminated place mats
The young adults learn the art of lamination as a skill by making Laminated Table Mats with high quality pictures of exquisite locations in Kodaikanal. This is a sure souvenir to be taken after a visit to Kodaikanal.