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Residential home
In the beginning, exclusively Polio-affected children from distant villages in the hills of Kodaikanal were provided boarding and lodging facilities to facilitate uninterrupted quality education and interventions. They were given individual care, surgeries were done and physical therapy imparted and if necessary special remedial inputs in studies. The Residential Home facilitated higher education, employment for the students and also helped in job placements. All of them are well placed in different jobs, many of them are married having their own families and integrated into their community as equal partners. The Residential facility today houses children with Speech and Hearing Impairment and Visual Impairment. It provides residential and supportive services to those children who come from distant villages in the hills of Kodaikanal. Lunch is provided for the whole school and that is prepared in this facility. The Residential Home is managed in partnership with the Sisters of St. Anne’s, Tiruchirappalli. The children are taught to discover their life roles in life through Honesty as their first priority—and Faith, Hope and Love as their top priorities.